Our company was established by a group of enthusiast with various professional backgrounds who participated in stand-up comedies, enjoyed action movies and who have always appreciated the absurd humour regularly hidden in common day-to-day situation.

We have been organising various events and happenings for stand up comedians in northern Slovakia since 1994 mostly on voluntary basis; currently we have focused on production of short airsoft movies.

Having gained quite an attention from the local group of supporters we went viral and have attracted quite a strong group of supporters from worldwide with a great promise of a further growth on numbers of viewers and in popularity.

That’s why we set ourselves the goal to produce a new airsoft video weekly and to attract airsoft community and beyond through YouTube and other similar channels.

However, to maintain the professional standards we set ourselves up and even to enhance them further we are currently looking for partners.


What do we offer?

– possibility to highlight the name of your company/product in the beginning and in the end of our videos and virals,

– possibility to use logo of your company within the movie, it can either appear on the wall, or at the weapon or at the clothing of the actors, or in any other way that would suit your promotional needs and would not substantially alter the quality of the video and its act

– possibility to attach a banner at our website, – possibility to highlight link to your web site within the descriptionunder our YouTube video.

– create funny review on your product http://youtu.be/EyYPXyh2No0

– join your affiliate program


Should you be interested in cooperating with us?  

We think you should as there are growing numbers of our regular viewers and our movies are gaining in popularity. Our short movie „Airsoft vs. Reality“ (http://youtu.be/ZoGFSfnvru4) won “The best airsoft video 2013” in AIRSOFT PLAYERS’ CHOICE AWARDS by Popular Airsoft. Our videos could become a great channel to promote your company and products and could become yet another part of your brand placement activities.


What do we expect from you?

We would be grateful for any kind of support that enables us to work at new projects, improve our work and videos. You can support us by money, by enabling us to use you products or just simple sharing information and links on our work. For further reference do not hesitate to watch our short movies, promotional videos and virals:

You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BirnyX

mail: johnydeadline@gmail.com

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