Airsoft Squad Interactive – 3rd person shooter game

Airsoft Squad Interactive – 3rd person shooter game

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This is our Airsoft Squad Interactive video game – 3rd person shooter game.
This funny airsoft video should be a parody on a computer game. You can choose your preferred characters and watch them in the real airsoft battle. Each character represents the particular airsoft stereotype. We wanted you to feel like in some computer 3rd person shooter game or fps, that’s why there are some bugs and glitches, similar to the real game. 😉 We hope you will find this video as funny as we did and enjoy interactive airsoft game.
I always wanted to play airsoft computer game, but I didn’t find any. So I had to create my own. I am really curious if this would work or not. More from the main menu will come soon. Enjoy!

Written by: Martin Birner and Martin Hudoba
Cameramen: Viktor Rek and Peter Pikna
Music by: Martin Hudoba
Graphic: Viktor Rek
Directed by: Martin Birner

Big thanks to Juraj Rek and Pavol Košťan

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