Airsoft vs Zombies

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Today, BirnyX brings you another funny airsoft video, our long planned “versus” stuff Airsoft vs Zombies.
Group of airsofters are going to play to a new airsoft field. But they did not expect anything of what they find there. All airsoft players are missing. But when they find them, they look like zombies.
The airsoft field is a former chemical storehouse and it has its own secret.
The fight for the bare life starts. Airsoft humans vs zombies. Airsoft guns vs zombie infection. Now they can use what they learned, cqb, milsim, the experience from zombie gameplay also counts. But they have to be careful about the zombie sniper. Fortunately, zombies attack according the rules, because even zombies don’t like cheaters.

Epic battle airsofters versus zombies is produced by Johny Deadline Pictures Production. Maybe next time we will shoot Nazi Zombies in real life. 😉

Video is available here

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