Airsoft vs Paintball 1: Respawn Surprise

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This is Airsoft vs Paintball miniseries part 1. Short post-apocalyptic sci-fi series from airsoft world by BirnyX.

All weapons have been eliminated and everybody can use airsoft guns. There are lot of conflicts and skirmishes around the streets. But people are safe. Everybody must have safety goggles on, because of possible airsoft attack in public. Even small children must wear eye protection. Airsoft in real life.

People don’t know what paintball is. After weapon apocalypse there are lot of things, which disappeared with the weapons. The lack of tobacco has caused the gang wars.

Cheating is the high crime in this airsoft world. Each district has own respawn time. You must be always ready to go to the respawn.
This is airsoft in real life. Don’t look for epic airsoft vs paintball battle in this part, this is just beginning. Something happened and new enemy came upon us.

Airsoft vs Paintball miniseries are produced by Johny Deadline Pictures Production.

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