Airsoft vs Paintball 2: Abandoned Outpost

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In this part of Airsoft vs Paintball short post-apocalyptic miniseries, we can see the airsoft world in 2027. All guns are eliminated. Eastern checkpoint is ambushed by terrorists. Fortunately, one of the terrorists has a leaky gas magazine and they have to go to the respawn.

Two soldiers from the checkpoint are going to check the outpost in corridor #15, because HQ lost the contact with it.
They are going to find out, what happened there. But the soldiers find it abandoned even they find some sort of unknown ammo they haven’t seen before.

Airsoft vs Paintball 2: Abandoned Outopost is the second part of the short post apocalyptic miniseries by BirnyX.

Airsoft vs Paintball series is produced by Johny Deadline Pictures Production.


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