Airsoft vs Reality 5 – Winter Edition

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The luxury of winter airsoft is that you can always take a break in the airsoft war. The hot dinner is either served at your place just after returning from an airsoft battlefield or you can warm up yourself at the respawn. But in the real war it loo

Crazy Nerf Review – Demolisher vs Lawbringer

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This is the super funny Nerf review about my new Demolisher Nerf gun. I asked my uncle,  a former airsoft geek, who used to do the excellent crazy reviews and battles, to help me with my cool Demolisher Nerf review. Now I know, it was definitely no

Airsoft War: Operation Orange Suitcase

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Two armies are fighting about the orange suitcase containing the top secret materials. Everybody wants to find the suitcase and situation looks desperate. Surprisingly help will come when a child with nerf gun suddenly appears.

Airsoft vs Nerf 2

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Airsoft vs Nerf 2 is a short film about four young nerf players and their airsoft parents. In the previous part of Airsoft vs Nerf they made a surprise attack to the enemy airsoft boss. Now the boss plans the revenge. He calls the young nerf assassin

Airsoft vs Reality 4

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Fourth episode of the popular Airsoft vs Reality series. More differences between airsoft and reality, full of absurd humor, heavy armors, action and specialties.

Airsoft vs Nerf

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Every little airsofter dreams of playing with the old airsoft veterans. Being under 18, you just have to forget about it. You can play with Nerf only. But still, there is a option (in your dream), which is Airsoft vs Nerf.

Airsoft vs Reality 3.5

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Hello people, here comes a short Airsoft vs Reality clip. After thinking hard, how to call the video, I couldn’t figure out any more suitable name. Although this is not a new part of the official Airsoft vs Reality series, I hope you will like

Airsoft Geeks – Bio BB Boys

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Today’s guests are two very interesting airsofters. They call themselves Bio BB Boys. Although they are very successful and famous, nobody knows they have their own You Tube Bio channel. Even they don’t know about it. They are famous for their se

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