Airsoft Geeks – Addicted to Airsoft

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Welcome to our new series called Airsoft Geeks. In this first episode we will present the psychology counselling. We will meet two young men addicted to airsoft. They will share their experience with this dangerous addiction, tell us how their life l

Crazy Airsoft Review – The BB

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There are many airsoft BB reviews. Because there are so many various kinds of BBs, we focus on one BB only. In the review we compare the ways of utilization of this little white thing.

Top 5 Weirdest Airsoft Channels

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Looking for the funny airsoft channels? We found something better! Awkward, strange, bizzare, weird and psycho together that made us laugh. We collected them all and here come top 5 weirdest channels. The best funny airsoft videos you may have not se

Crazy Airsoft Review – Shemagh

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Shemagh is a very popular piece of army clothing. For an outdoor-man, survivalist, bushcrafter or airsofter, the Shemagh can be a multi-use tool with lots of uses. It has been adopted by military forces and of course by airsoft comunity, too. We will

Funny Airsoft Tactical Hand Signals

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Funny airsoft scenes with the military silent hand signals shot in 2014. Edited so as it looked crazy and psycho. Starring: Martin Hudoba Music: Martin Birner

The Snipers E5 (Christmas Hunt)

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Our lonely sniper is ready for a new Christmas mission. The success would mean money for presents, but if he doesn’t succeed, he can pack his luggage. Christmas hunt begins.

Through Death to Victory

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How many times a man must die until he/she becomes a winner? One of the most interesting things, that make airsoft popular, is the chance to experience the same adventure again and again. Thanks to respawn we have the opportunity to learn from our pr

Airsoft vs Medieval

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It was to be a standard airsoft event. Until they found out they played at ancient Celt necropolis. As fog cleared, two worlds stand face to face in the most epic airsoft battle ever. Different tactics, different rules. Each side has its own way of f

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