Airsoft vs Nerf 2

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Airsoft vs Nerf 2 is a short film about four young nerf players and their airsoft parents. In the previous part of Airsoft vs Nerf they made a surprise attack to the enemy airsoft boss. Now the boss plans the revenge. He calls the young nerf assassin

Through Death to Victory

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How many times a man must die until he/she becomes a winner? One of the most interesting things, that make airsoft popular, is the chance to experience the same adventure again and again. Thanks to respawn we have the opportunity to learn from our pr

Airsoft vs Medieval

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It was to be a standard airsoft event. Until they found out they played at ancient Celt necropolis. As fog cleared, two worlds stand face to face in the most epic airsoft battle ever. Different tactics, different rules. Each side has its own way of f