Airsoft vs Paintball 3: Before the Storm

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Before the Storm is 3rd part of the post apocalyptic sci-fi parody series Airsoft vs Paintball. After encountering something weird in the Outpost #15, soldiers are sent to the examination to the laboratory. The professor finds out that somebody manip

Airsoft vs Paintball 2: Abandoned Outpost

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In this part of Airsoft vs Paintball short post-apocalyptic miniseries, we can see the airsoft world in 2027. All guns are eliminated. Eastern checkpoint is ambushed by terrorists. Fortunately, one of the terrorists has a leaky gas magazine and they

Airsoft vs Paintball 1: Respawn Surprise

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This is Airsoft vs Paintball miniseries part 1. Short post-apocalyptic sci-fi series from airsoft world by BirnyX. All weapons have been eliminated and everybody can use airsoft guns. There are lot of conflicts and skirmishes around the streets. But